Granavisión trusts Integralia once again to raise awareness of Granada

The company acquires two new minibuses with large storage capacity for the tourism sector.


The Alhambra in Granada, the Sagrada Familia, the Mosque of Cordoba, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and the Cathedral of Burgos are the five most visited monuments in Spain, according to the latest ranking published by the Official Tourism Portal. Specifically, the Andalusian palatine city of the Alhambra received last year more than two million visitors interested in discovering the grandeur of this monument declared a World Heritage Site in 1984. However, the Alhambra is not the only attraction in the Andalusian province. Granada is much more. Beyond its capital you can discover other special places such as the Sierra Nevada, La Alpujarra or the beaches of the Costa Tropical. 

Because of its sites, its gastronomy and its people, tourism is very important in this province, hence the need for an industry linked to this sector to keep visitors happy, busy and equipped with everything they need to enjoy their time away from home. Hence the need for an industry linked to this sector to keep visitors happy, busy and equipped with everything they need to enjoy their time away from home. An essential part of the tourist industry? Transport. The synergies between the different means of transport are key to attracting tourists, as the different means of transport complement each other, resulting in a more valuable product for the customer. This is where Granavisión has a lot to say, a company that started its engines in 1992 and, since then, has been focused on creating unique experiences in this Andalusian province. 

The company has recently added two Integralia minibuses to its fleet. As on previous occasions, Granavisión was looking for a vehicle with a very specific size to be able to move with agility in the touristic neighbourhoods of El Albaicín or El Sacromonte, where many tourists visiting Granada want to go, despite the fact that the dimensions of the streets in these areas of the capital are very small. Another of the company’s requirements was that the minibuses had to be adapted to the specific needs of the regulations in force in order to be able to enter, where possible, the restricted areas of the city.

The model chosen by Granavisión from the Integralia catalogue was a 19-seater T-ONE with a large boot capacity and very interesting equipment to offer maximum comfort to passengers. 

Since Integralia began working with the Andalusian company in 2015, it has always listened carefully to all of Granavisión’s needs in order to adapt to the specific demands of this client. For its part, the Andalusian transport company has maintained from the beginning a very good consideration towards Integralia’s product, especially for the after-sales service, which leads the list of the Navarrese bodybuilder’s unmatched.

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