Silvia Aguado: “Digital advances are essential today in the mobility sector”.

Silvia Aguado has been with Integralia for more than eight years. This mathematician is responsible for the entire IT network of the Pamplona-based car body manufacturer, which is why she spends a lot of time at work keeping up to date with the latest digital advances in the sector.

Algebra, geometry, analysis, probability and statistics, machine learning, data management, numerical analysis and computer science are just some of the subjects studied in a mathematics degree. These are notions that Silvia Aguado (Tudela-Navarra, 1971) acquired during her training and which she applies in her day-to-day work in the Integralia team. The head of the IT Department at the Pamplona-based car body manufacturer, she also provides support to other departments such as the administrative department to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 


What does a mathematician do at Integralia?

In the longer term, but most importantly, I am always on the lookout for possible digital improvements that can be implemented for the day-to-day running of Integralia. My responsibility is to manage the IT side of the company and above all I have to provide support for the tools we use to work, including ERP, office automation and, of course, design tools. On the other hand, I am responsible for the telephony of the company and I help in the administration area.


Have you always been in the same position? 

Head of IT has always been the title of my firm, but if we talk about the tasks I perform, it is not the same now as when I joined. Over time, my responsibilities at Integralia have expanded, mainly depending on the needs of the staff.


What were you working on before? 

Throughout my professional career I have worked in quite different companies. On the one hand, I was a functional analyst and software developer for a bank, I also worked for a while in an academy as a support teacher for university students and, for the last eight years, at Integralia I have been able to get to know very closely how the mobility sector works.


Did you know about this market before? 

No, the truth is that when I joined the company everything was very new to me. But, little by little, I got used to it. Reading, training myself, the digital issue goes very fast.


What was your first day at Integralia like? 

It was eight years ago, but I still remember how anxious I was to join this team. A lot of nerves. I was worried that my colleagues would like me and, of course, that I would fit in at what has become my home. 


Who was your mentor in the company? 

Óscar Lana was the one who showed me what my tasks were going to be, the truth is that he always thought that I would find a place in his company. He told me that he had a job waiting for me that was not being done at the time. And, fortunately, time has shown that he was quite right.


Any anecdote that you always remember with your colleagues? 

The first tests with the 3D printer. I will never forget them. Besides, we always have a souvenir of this moment on our desks.


Your strangest working day at Integralia? 

If we discard everything we experienced during the pandemic, I think I’m going to repeat myself because other colleagues have already mentioned it, but the most memorable days at Integralia are always the ones prior to a trade fair.





Do you have any surprising skills? 

I am always aware of those around me.


What do you spend your free time doing? 

Reading, going on excursions and walks, always accompanied by a good cup of coffee. 


Do you do any sport? 

During the week I go spinning and at weekends I love to plan a trip to the mountains. In winter I go skiing with my family.


Are you a cook? No, what I do I do out of necessity, but if I had to choose a dish I would go for artichokes or cardoon with almond sauce.


What drink do you accompany it with? With a kalimotxo for the vermouth and then water for lunch.


What film would you watch on a minibus trip? 

A classic from 1992: ‘The Last of the Mohicans’.


Any gadget you couldn’t live without? 

ChromeCast because I think it’s a breakthrough to be able to send mobile content to the TV. I hope that soon we will be able to send any content to any screen at that speed.


What would you like to invent? 

Comfortable and painless ski boots.


And what would others invent for you? 

A cure for myopia.


What series have you been watching lately? 

Outlander’, I find time travel very interesting.


Any book that has marked your life? 

I haven’t experienced any change of course because of a book, but I do have a thorn in my side because I’ve never been able to finish ‘The Neverending Story’, even though I’ve tried several times. 


A song for travelling? 

The soundtrack of the film we would have seen on the first part of the trip: ‘The Last of the Mohicans’. 


Where do you like to sit when travelling in a minibus? 

If I have to choose, I prefer the window.


Do you get seasick? 

Not if I don’t read. But if I see a message on my mobile phone, I’ve already fallen.


What do you do when you travel? 

I’m one of those who enjoys the scenery. I like to look out of the window at what’s outside, I think there’s something relaxing about it that grabs me.


What would you eat when you travel? 

A bag of crisps.


What is comfort for you? 

Given my height, comfort for me is having space.


Your longest minibus trip? 

To Madrid, when we went to a fair.


Any pending destinations? 

Of course, I really want to visit the Norwegian fjords.


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