Transportes Biscayçacu bets again on Integralia

The French company from the region of La Soule acquires a 22-seater vehicle for school transport from the Pamplona coachbuilder.

Are you coming on a trip? Do you want to know the destination? Pamplona and Mauleón-Licharre are only two hours away by car. The capital of this French region can be reached from the capital of Navarre by going up through Isaba, via the Larrau Pass. A short journey takes the traveller to this enclave in the central Pyrenees, famous for its espadrilles and sheep’s cheese, as well as maintaining an intact Basque culture made up of traditions, songs and dances. 

Today the minibus travels to Sola or Zuberoa in Basque, Xiberua or Xiberoaen in the Souletin dialect and, of course, Soule in French. Different terms to refer to the same area in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, in the Saison Valley. The Soule is a region of the French Basque Country with nestling valleys, deep forests, shepherds and flocks. This is the home of Transports Biscayçacu, a company created in 1989 to transport passengers. 

For nearly 17 years, Integralia has maintained a business relationship with this family passenger transport company. Since 2016, on a regular basis, the Basque-French company has relied on Integralia to renew its fleet of minibuses with different vehicles.

Today, under the management of Daniel Biscayçacu, the company specialises in daily school transport in the area, especially in the valleys and villages of La Soule. However, Transports Biscayçacu also provides services to sports groups or cultural activities outside the region, which can sometimes involve transporting passengers as far north as Belgium. 

Now Transports Biscayçacu has just added a T-One XL to its fleet, a minibus with 22 seats plus driver that has IBBC (Integralia Bus Board Control) as standard, as well as reclining seats with technical leather, air conditioning with 14 kW of power, among other features.

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