Íñigo Ibero Castiella: “Vocation and experience are essential in customer service”.

He has not yet completed his first year in the company, but Íñigo Ibero Castiella (Pamplona, 1978) has accumulated more than a quarter of a century in the bodywork sector, which allows him to combine several positions in Integralia. In addition to being responsible for the electrical part of the vehicles, the man from Pamplona also dedicates part of his working day to supporting the Customer Service department.


Good morning, Integralia? 

Yes, this is it.  


Since when do you pick up the Integralia phone to attend to customers?

I joined the company last year in April, although I have been working with bus bodies for 25 years. From the beginning, I have held various positions in the company. In addition to the electrical part of the vehicles, I also lend a hand with production issues and in the Customer Service Department, where we divide the work between three people depending on the reason for the call.


Who taught you the procedures of this company?  

Ángel Ruiz, who is in charge of the projects area, but on a day-to-day basis my colleagues (Silvia, Ángel, Natxo, Oscar…) are the ones who tell me how I can improve and give the best of myself.


And what was it like landing at Integralia?

As usual in a new position, with nerves. I was a bit anxious to see what I was going to find in this company. However, I soon realised that the professional team that makes up Integralia makes things much easier, so my adaptation was much easier than I could have imagined.  


Any anecdotes from those early days?

Yes, at that moment when you still have a lot to learn, as well as the insecurity that usually comes with starting a new job, I picked up a call and received a report. I immediately realised that there was a bit of a fight with a garage. I was caught unawares and it really threw me off. That’s the thing about this job, you don’t know what you’re going to find when you pick up the phone. It’s often not easy to solve these problems on the spot. However, we were able to solve it in the best possible way and it remained just that, an anecdote.


What does Íñigo Ibero’s working day at Integralia consist of? 

I like to start the day with all the things related to the T.A.S.: phone calls, checking what incidents we have pending, what new ones have come in, catching up on how everything is going in general. After that, I focus on the electrical side, where I have a bit more of a fight…


Did you know the mobility sector before joining Integralia? 

Yes, of course, I have been working in this market for 25 years now. I studied Electricity at the Salesians’ centre in Pamplona and then specialised in Metal Construction at the CIP Virgen del Camino. Soon after, I joined the mobility sector, so I have been able to witness first-hand a total transformation. And, as far as all the perspectives point, it seems that we have a long way to go in the future. 


What do you consider to be the necessary skills for a position like yours?

Left hand, firmness and never losing your sense of humour. Without a doubt, there is nothing like experience and vocation to be able to give the best of yourself on a daily basis.


What is your favourite work tool?

 My hands, I really enjoy it when I go out to the workshop.


Which of your job responsibilities do you enjoy the most and which do you hate the most?

 I love the face-to-face contact with the customer, but the bureaucracy bores me to death. I get very tired of paperwork. 


Your strangest working day at Integralia?

It’s true that I haven’t even been with the company for a year yet, so I haven’t accumulated a great deal of experience here either, I don’t remember anything particularly strange during these months. Complicated times will come, that’s for sure, and we’ll be here to face them in the best possible way. But, for the moment, and I’m hoping that it will be as late as possible, there is nothing remarkable.




Do you have any surprising skills? I’ve been told I’m creative and that I have skill with my hands.


 How do you spend your free time? The little time I have is dedicated to my son.


Are you a cook? Yes, it relaxes me. I’m a fan of croquettes.


What drink do you accompany them with? With a beer


What film would you watch on a minibus journey? ‘The Knights of the Square Table’.


Any gadget you couldn’t live without? Helmets.


What would you like to invent? A chewing gum flavoured with Cinco Jotas ham. 

What series have you watched recently? I haven’t watched a series for a long time, but the last one I liked was Breaking Bad’


Any book that has marked your life? ‘Rebels’ by Susan E. Hinton. Hinton. 


A song for travelling? ‘Sweet dreams’ by Eurithmycs.


Where do you like to sit when travelling in a minibus? If possible, I prefer the window.


Do you get dizzy? No.


What do you do when you travel? Listen to music.


What would you eat on the trip? Cashew nuts with barbecue flavour


What does comfort mean to you? In a minibus, space.


Any pending destinations? Japan.

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