UST visits Integralia’s facilities

The Navarrese company provides services to the large passenger transport company in the overseas islands where it operates.

A customer with services 6,500 kilometres away? Yes, it is possible. How? Always looking for a very fluid communication on both sides: the customer to raise their needs and the supplier to listen and, of course, respond to the demands raised. 


Integralia and UST have been working together since 2014. The company with a branch office on the island of Martinique relies on the Pamplona-based coachbuilder to regularly renew its fleet of minibuses. “Communication takes on a very important aspect. At many times, many kilometres separate us and it is an essential factor to take into account. In these cases, beyond the commercial processes, it is the people who are really responsible for ensuring that this exchange of messages flows for the benefit of both parties,” says Óscar Lana, CEO of Integralia.

The French company specialises in providing services for regular lines, school transport, occasional services and tourist trips. Specifically, UST offers mainly leisure passenger transport in Martinique, the French island located between Dominica and St. Lucia, in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago. There, the French company has a large fleet of vehicles, mainly destined for the island’s main sector: tourism.

How can this good business relationship be strengthened with a company operating at such a distance? By getting to know each other better every day. A UST delegation travelled a few weeks ago from Paris to Pamplona to visit Integralia’s facilities. With what objective? To plan upcoming vehicle acquisitions and, of course, to discuss the future of mobility and alternatives. A team from Integralia led by Óscar Lana shared with UST its strategy regarding electric vehicles, as well as discussing the situation of urban and interurban mobility and the changes that lie ahead for the sector in the near future.

A warehouse in Martinique for excellent service

Integralia has a warehouse with stock on the island of Martinique to ensure that the after-sales service offered on this Caribbean island is excellent. In this way, the time that a vehicle has to be stopped for any unforeseen event is reduced to a minimum and the Pamplona-based bodywork company’s capacity to react in the event of any incident is increased.  Glass, door equipment and other bodywork components are among the most frequent needs that can bring a vehicle to a standstill. 

The warehouse that Integralia has in Martinique is also replicated in the Canary Islands, where all the company’s customers operating in this privileged archipelago can have a much more efficient after-sales service without paralysing their vehicles.

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